Convert Online Real Estate Leads With Ease


99 Must do Things for Every Agent

Convert Online Real Estate Leads With Ease

 The Agent Marketing Group would like to offer you a series of 99 Lead Generating tools that are going to skyrocket your career to the next level. Presenting to you simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this hot market. 

Here is STEP 3: Convert Online Real Estate Leads With Ease

 Lead Generating Agent Website that converts visitors to Leads

Online leads tend to have a bad reputation overall. It’s justified because about 79% of marketing leads never get converted into sales. This huge number makes the online leads seem like a total waste of time. The main reason behind these numbers is the lack of “lead nurturing.” Leads come in, but if they are not ready to buy, we simply ignore them.

With the current state of technology available, there is no excuse. It has become way easier to implement a system that helps you stay in touch with your leads and convert your leads to customers.

These steps might help you in the process:

Gain traffic:

The main sources of traffic are your online channels such as your business website, social media accounts, online forums, etc.

Landing page:

You must never start an online campaign without a landing page, the page on which someone lands on after clicking on to your online marketing call-to-action. The most valued information you can acquire from a lead generation page is your lead’s email address.

Provide Home Estimate:

This is what they are looking for on your real estate website. Provide a home estimate to them and ignite their interest in your business.

Initial Response:

If you are able to convince them that your offering is exactly what they want, you might receive an initial response from the leads.

Good Home Value Analysis:

Your website can then provide a good home value analysis based on the lead’s initial response. For converting the leads, an important thing to keep in your mind is following all the steps in proper succession.

Initial Consultation or Email Drip Sequence:

The last step to converting your leads to the customer is the initial consultation. Email drip sequence can also be another version at this step. If your leads have reached till this step, it is likely that they will stay with you for longer and keep visiting your website.

To help you get started with the first step of this plan, Agent Web Online offers you the platform to build your own website.

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