10 Reasons for Having Your Own Real Estate Website


99 Must do Things for Every Agent

10 Reasons for Having Your Own Real Estate Website

 The Agent Marketing Group would like to offer you a series of 99 Lead Generating tools that are going to skyrocket your career to the next level. Presenting to you simple steps that every real estate agent should follow to generate stellar leads in this hot market. 

Here is STEP 5: 10 Reasons for Having Your Own Real Estate Website

 Lead Generating Agent Website that converts visitors to Leads

You think a good real website won’t have any extra advantage for your business? It’s time to rethink. Following are some quick reasons why you should have a website and its corresponding benefits.

1. Studies show that around 75% of all buyers begin their house hunting on the Internet. Having a real estate means that you will be where the buyers are searching for you.

2. Perception matters. A business that runs on the Internet is perceived as a modern business. If you have websites, you will be considered a business, one that updated with the new technology and all new market trends. 

3. Young real estate buyers are on the rise. If you have a website, the younger audience, which is adept with new age technology, will be able to find you and relate with you.

4. You can complete with your bigger competitors with the advantage of having your unique business identity – your own website.

5. Better customer service – Your website can be a focal point for feedback, forms, direct link to your email address etc.

6. By providing the salient features of your services, you can let your potential customers know how different you are from the rest, also the benefits that you provide.

7. A website, an easy communication and information hub, saves a lot of time for you and your customers.

8. Home buyers who use the Internet or the online channels are quick buyers. So, be there when the buyers are ready.

9. You will be able to attract more sellers if you have listings on your website. They know they will sell quicker if their home is on the World Wide Web.

10- You can record whenever a customer contacts you, and thereby avoid any misunderstandings.
I hope it’s clear now that why you need a real estate website! Understand that a website is a good investment, and a good investment gives you better returns.

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