Seal the Deal: Use Content to Nurture Real Estate Leads

One of the arduous parts of the real estate business is converting leads into customers. Even though you have been doing all the possible outcomes to maintain your leads yet a once-hot lead can fall out of your funnel or you’ve wasted energy and time on a lead that did not convert.

Seal the Deal: Use Content to Nurture Real Estate Leads

The solution is lead nurturing: coming up with valuable information for your leads to help guide them through the sales funnel. The way overt selling would work before it won’t work like that now. Research shows that 83% of consumers trust brands that offer resources throughout the entire cycle while 71% of them don’t trust a brand that doesn’t provide promotion-free information. Modern real estate marketers can find success using content to nurture their leads instead of focusing on sales pitches. Every lead is different therefore you need to understand the typical steps a lead will take, determine what types of content will help in nurturing the lead in those stages, and how to convey your content at the right time to meet their needs. This is also called, “content mapping”.

Further down are a few ideas you can use for content to nurture real estate leads at each stage of the sales funnel to ensure leads stay active, all the way to the end.

Top of the Funnel: Awareness Stage

A lead does a lot of research on their own before actually contacting you directly. This stage is all about informing and educating your lead and providing the required information to help them meet their needs. Whether it buying or selling, your lead has lots to take in and they’re likely to through a lot of sources before committing to anyone. You can have all this cut down so that your lead sees you as a suitable one stop shop for getting their answers.

Some things that work well for this stage:

  • A Vibrant Blog: Leads love coming across agents that have a strong personality and lots of expertise. Your blog should consist of resources – both visually appealing & informative – that can help you stand out of the crowd. Well researched articles are vital but consider putting up visual posts that are engaging and exciting.
  • Social media posts: Social media is a great way to keep your leads active and informed even if they do not visit your site every day. If you inspire leads to follow you on various social media accounts, see to it that you actually make use of your accounts on a regular basis and post great content.
  • Reviews: 70% of people trust their friends’ recommendations while 46% trust consumer reviews. While you may not send reviews to your leads directly, you bet they’re seeing them already in their research and Google search results. Grow a strong review base so that the leads carrying out research see some good feedback on your services.

Middle of the Funnel: Consideration Stage

At this stage your leads know that you already exist, all they do is still compare what you offer – service, expertise, listings, etc. – with the other agents. Getting them through this funnel means proving your worth at the same dealing with their requirements and pain points consistently.

All they want to see is that you care. Therefore be consistent. Check in if your lead begins to lag a bit, ask how they’re doing and how they enjoyed the last content you sent over.

Some content that helps move leads at this stage:

  • Testimonials: Testimonials are great at any stage as most customers want an insight as to how it will be working with you. Some great written commentary can do the job for you and will go a long way to enhance your brand.
  • Landing Pages: Landing pages are a great way to keep your leads engrossed and encourage them to come back to your website or another landing page. Landing pages effectively done encourage your lead never want to click the “x” button.

Bottom of the Funnel: Decision Stage

This stage is also known as the purchase stage as this is the time when your lead is most likely to take action on your services because they know all your services and expertise can help them achieve what they are aiming for. The best nurturing tactic in this stage is to make your lead comfortable with the major decisions by offering content:

  • Home-Buying & Home-Selling Checklists: Leads know that there are numerous steps before they complete a sale, which is intimidating and may stop their progression through the sales funnel. Reduce some of that stress by focusing on actionable checklists and timelines.
  • Additional Offers: Many of the leads need that extra push during this stage. If your lead isn’t quite ready, consider a free home selling or buying consultation where you can make them walk through steps, or offer to give free estimates or quotes adding no pressure. Nearly all leads will use this offer and will feel motivated to go forward.

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