The Real Estate Website Design Elements You Require to Succeed

The Real Estate Website Design Elements You Require to Succeed

You would surely want to know what real estate website design are essential for your site! We’ve got you covered. The important components are listed below:

Comprehensible and Concise Navigation Bar

The main goal of your marketing is getting lots of your leads to your real estate website. In case you fail to provide site visitors with comprehensible and easily identifiable navigation and you can be sure they won’t stick around for long. Statistics and figures show three in five internet users can’t get the information they need right away when visiting sites. Ensure that you are not one of those sites. Precisely label each of your site’s pages (e.g. your listing pages, about page, blog) at the head of your site.

Having said that your landing pages are a special case, and they work best without navigation as their motive is to hold on to the visitors on the page so that they provide their personal details (like phone number, email address, and housing preferences).

Eye-Catching Imagery and Videos

For an agent who wants to capture leads including images and videos is a must. Listing videos and photos should be front-and-center. Happy customers putting up video testimonials is also effective. Take pictures of the best stores, restaurants, and other venues in your market. To sum up, your website will benefit tremendously from the use of images and videos.

  • Website articles receive 94% more views with relevant images than those without any images.
  • Video is estimated to account for closely 80% of all website traffic in 2018 — up from 66% in 2013.

Succinct (But Attractive) Forms

Instead of glancing over your site for a long period of time, many visitors would rather like to sign up for email newsletters or to get in touch about a listing. The solution to this is using the right language and design to capture visitors mind and persuade them to fork over their information.

Research shows that forms using language like “go” and “click here” get the most clicks from visitors. Also, a case study shows that making phone number inclusion optional for visitors who fill out forms led to higher conversion rates.

Short, Appealing Calls to Action

Calls to action that induce website visitors to click are vital facets of web design for real estate agents – just ensure yours lead to something worth clicking on. Convincing copies may get you lots of clicks, but only a few will download or remain on your site if there’s no substance in your content.

Multifunctional, Easy-to-Use Search Feature

The finest real estate website designs make it easier to study more about brokers’ and agents’ listings and businesses. It means a detailed search function that allows for easy filtering is an essential requirement.

Sizeable Social Media Links

You can expand on how much of your content is absorbed by sharing links on social media and, just as essentially, sharing social media buttons on all your pages so visitors know where to find and follow you. Having tiny or teeny buttons that lead to your social accounts isn’t enough nowadays. You need to make your social presence popular, with large, bold buttons. Place.


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