Why Having Multiple Websites is Beneficial?

At Agent Web Online we work very hard to have a great relationship with our customers.

Our philosophy is to keep our prices extremely affordable because we want our customers to have multiple websites.  The more websites you have, the greater your profit potential.  It can be a very successful marketing strategy to have multiple sites, each dedicated to either specific property types, neighborhoods, target market niches, construction projects, or even individual properties.

Multiple-WebsitesOne benefit, is with search engines.  First of all, Google and other search engines particularly appreciate highly targeted content.  So, when you have websites that are built for very specific target audiences, and that have good, customized, consumer-centric content, you dramatically increase the likelihood of your websites ranking highly.  What’s more, if you’re in an area saturated with competition, or any metropolitan area of reasonable size, it can be extraordinarily difficult to show up in search engines for phrases like “San Diego Real Estate”, since so many people are competing for that phrase.

If, instead, you have a website dedicated to “Mission Beach Condos”, for instance, you’re likely to end up with more search engine originating traffic – especially because more and more consumers are using very specific search phrases to narrow their search engine results.  Then, if you use that website to link back (at some point) to a primary site that DOES cover all of San Diego (in this instance), with IDX, etc. then you get the added search engine benefit of that link back to your main site.

So essentially, the more “targeted” sites you have out there, that address very specific audiences, the larger “net” you’re casting in your online marketing presence.  When you do this, make sure to link back to each of your specific sites from your main site.  So in the example above, have a link on the main site (dedicated to San Diego real estate in general), that says “For more details on condos on Mission Beach, click here”.  That way you let each of your specific sites play the role for which they were intended, and benefit from a large network of interconnected sites, where traffic flows naturally between them all.

There are other fringe benefits of this approach as well.  By tracking the traffic to each individual site in your network, and where that traffic originated from, you can learn a great deal about the consumers you most naturally attract, and those that have the highest propensity to turn into leads and eventually…transactions.  You can then use that information to evolve your marketing, and expand or grow your overall network of sites.

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